About Tony Ireland Mega Centre

The mission of the Ireland Group companies is to be the best.

  • Tony Ireland's, the friendliest place in town, is committed to: Being the premier automotive Dealership in Australia by giving unparalleled customer service in every aspect of our business.
  • Exceeding our customers' expectations at every opportunity, thereby providing an ownership experience that will encourage them to return and to share their experiences with others.
  • To provide the most secure employment in this industry for any motivated individual interested in furthering their career in this business.
  • To provide a standard of ongoing training to make sure that the employees of this Company surpass the industry levels of professionalism.
  • To offer opportunities for advancement in the business to those who qualify for promotion.
  • To provide that individual's family with total faith in the direction our business is heading and ensure that they have an understanding of their importance to our success.
  • To achieve these goals within a financial framework which has a base strong enough to allow expansion at any time when an opportunity presents itself for the mutual gain of all concerned.

The Ireland Family has had a long and proud history of community involvement.

During Tony Ireland's 25 years in Townsville he has been amongst other, Chairman of the National Holden Dealer Council and has served for 10 years on the Holden Forward Model Planning Group.

That is just to name a few of the ongoing support along with sporting clubs and donations that Tony Ireland Townsville are involved in on a monthly / yearly basis.

Ronald McDonald House

Ronald McDonald House

Childrens Cancer Institute

Childrens Cancer Institute

Townsville Golf Association

Townsville Golf Association

Willows Golf Association

Willows Golf Association

PGA Australia

PGA Australia

Townsville Enterprise

Townsville Enterprise

Townsville Enterprise

Townsville Enterprise

Cootharinga Australia

Cootharinga Australia

The Townsville together business program brings the community & business together. Our sponsorship of the Tony Ireland Stadium is another way we have found to support the community with a world class facility.

Tony Ireland Stadium has been home to AFL and cricket matches at local, regional, state, and national levels.

Supporting facilities in the two storey grandstand include:

  • Change rooms (lower level)
  • AFL Townsville development office (lower level)
  • Meeting Rooms (upper and lower levels)
  • Medical and Drug Testing facilities
  • AFL, cricket and corporate lounge with club administration (upper level)
  • Amenities (upper and lower levels)
  • Kitchen (upper level)
  • Stadium Administration (upper level)
  • Home of the Thuringowa Bulldogs
  • Home of Queensland AFL


  • Australian Football League (AFL) and cricket oval
  • 1,000-seat grandstand and supporting facilities
  • Riverway Oval
  • Cricket practice nets
  • Chairman of the Salvation Army advisory Board for Nth Queensland.
  • Chairman of the Economic Development Board of Townsville Enterprise, which is the peak body for dealings with the Government on all development in Nth Queensland.
  • Chairman of the Cowboys Stockmen, which is all about developing senior players for life after football.
  • Townsville Crocodiles Basketball team in the NBL National Competition was founding Director and part of the original group that bought NBL Basketball to Nth Qld. 15 yr's.
  • Chairman of the V8 Supercars steering committee Nth Queensland. Tony was responsible for co-coordinating and raising the funding over 5 years between local, state and federal government to run this Nationally Recognized Event in our inaugural year. The Townsville 400 was voted the best V8 Supercar Event for 2009.

The actions of the employees and owners of Tony Ireland's over the past years have shaped our organisation, but those of us who are now employed will control it's future.

Tony Ireland is the grandson of Francis R. Ireland, born in Ipswich, Queensland, in 1898, whom moved to Cairns with his parents in 1905. In 1912 his working life commence at 14 years of age when he started work mending bicycle tyre's punctures for Mr Fred Taylor, (father of Harold Taylor, who later became a motor dealer in Innisfail), in his premises at 44-48 Abbott Street. Over time he progressed to bicycle mechanic, advance motor mechanic, and then became foreman of a garage run by Mr C Midlin.

As a young mechanic Francis Ireland would deliver new cars to outlying properties and teach the buyers how to drive. Once he arrived just as the owner left to go droving for 2 months and was asked to await his return. He did ... and meanwhile taught every person on the property to drive! That family are still Ireland's customers.

Mr Ireland commenced his own business, repairing and selling bicycles and motor cycles and repairing motor cars, taking over the business of Mr C Midlin. This was 23 June, 1923, "with a bag of tools, no money and some knowledge". This was a time when horses, buggy's and push bikes still ruled the streets of Cairns. At 24 years of age, he knew the value of customer service and he immediately placed great emphasis on the importance of customer satisfaction in his own business.

The first car Francis Ireland sold from his new business was a 1924 Chrysler 70, a smart five seat tourer. This model was the first ever built with four wheel disc brakes, with the addition of hydraulic brakes. It was sold to a Mr. Pienegar, the Irvinebank School Headmaster at that time. The Chrysler was a Demonstrator which Mr Ireland drove up via the recently opened range road through Yungaburra to Herberton.

Mr Ireland recalled "the trip from Yungaburra to Atherton and up the old Herberton Range was a real feat on its own. One had to carry extra water and engine oil to replenish both on the extra steep pinches which caused the engine to boil, and the oil to leak out of the rear main bearing on account of the steep angle of the engine and the long climb".

"While there, I was told of a prospect in Irvinebank - the school teacher. I set off for Irvinebank over a very rough track, you couldn't call it a road. I found the school teacher, Mr Pienegar, and gave him several convincing demonstrations and he eventually agreed to buy the car."

1931: was a major milestone when, for the second time, Francis Ireland became a General Motors Dealer, having already been a Chrysler, Pontiac, Oakland and Whippett Dealer between 1923 and 1931. The company has held the General Motors franchise since that time.

1948: Mr Ireland formed another subsidiary, McDonald Motor Agencies. This Dealership handled the Vauxhall Franchise at 44-48 Abbott Street.

1956: McDonald Motor Agencies were appointed by G.M.H. as Holden Dealers, as imports of Vauxhall ceased. This meant from 1956 the two Holden Dealerships in Cairns were operated by the Ireland Family.

1961: Tony's father, Mr Ron Ireland was approved as Dealer Principal by G.M.H.

1970: Saw new premises for McDonald Motor Agencies built at 227 Mulgrave Road. This new Dealership was one of the best facilities ever built in Australia.

1973: Mercedes-Benz appointed the company as Dealers for Passenger Cars.

1976: Tony Ireland commenced work at F.R. Ireland Pty Ltd, having graduated in Commerce from Queensland University.

1979: F.R. Ireland Pty Ltd appointed Chrysler Mitsubishi Dealers. (Chrysler was subsequently brought out by Mitsubishi)

1980: Mr Ron Ireland recognised as Time Quality Dealer for Queensland, by Time Magazine for "his outstanding performance as a motor dealer and a valued citizen of his community".

1985: The Holden Dealership in Townsville became available and Tony decided he would take on the challenge of operating a Dealership in his own right and further expand the Ireland name in the North Queensland motor industry.

1987: Tony Ireland was awarded the franchise for Land Rover, Jaguar and Peugeot vehicles.

1994: A programme of major upgrade in facilities took place which encompassed Spare Parts, Truck Service, Customer Parking Facility and a new Service Reception Customer Care Centre.

A new showroom was completed for Land Rover and Peugeot vehicles.

The Dealership was awarded Master Level Service Centre by General Motors, an award which recognises the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

February 1997: Tony Ireland was elected to the position of Chairman of the Australian Holden Dealer Council. This is the first time a non metropolitan Dealer has been honoured with this task and is a further measure of the esteem with which the Ireland name is held in the Motor Industry.

September 2000: Opening of new facility at corner of Woolcock and Duckworth St, for Land Rover, Jaguar and Isuzu Sales and Service

March 2003: Purchased Willtrac Townsville handling sales and service of Toyota industrial equipment, soon to become Tony Ireland Industrial Equipment

July 2003: Purchased Peters Holden Charters Towers, now known as Tony Ireland Charters Towers

2005: - Awarded franchise for Volvo Vehicles.

"At Tony Ireland's we are extremely fortunate to have a 21 year old business with over 75 years experience. This experience however only makes us as good as we perform today. It is only our complete dedication to customer satisfaction that will ensure our prosperity in the next 70 years."

Tony Ireland Biography

Tony Ireland is the Managing Director of the Tony Ireland Group of Companies based in North Queensland. He is a staunch advocate for North Queensland and has spent 30 years living in Cairns and a subsequent 28 in Townsville. This background combined with travelling the globe has placed him in a unique position to judge the balance of lifestyle and commerce that living in North Queensland offers. Through his business he has supported the Community continuously and in terms of time has always found some to support people of all walks of life.

At various times during his Career Tony has occupied the following positions:

  • Townsville Enterprise Chairman.
  • Chairman of Townsville Enterprise Economic Development Strategic Advisory Committee.
  • Chairman of the Salvation Army advisory Board for North Queensland.
  • Chairman V8 Supercar steering Committee responsible for delivering the Townsville 400 to NQ.
  • Deputy Chairman of the Townsville Crocodiles having been a founding director and shareholder of the group that brought the NBL to NQ and spent 15 years as the Marketing Director. Currently Chairs the Crocodiles Recruitment Committee.
  • Chairman of the Cowboys Stockmen.
  • Chairman of the National Holden Dealer Council representing all Holden Dealers in Australia.
  • Chairman of the NQ branch of the Australian Automobile Dealers Association.

Tony has also supported the Community with various sponsorships some of which have been:

  • Tony Ireland Stadium at Riverway home to Townsville AFL and Cricket Clubs.
  • Continuous Sponsorship of the Townsville Marathon since 1986.
  • Substantial support to both Townsville Crocodiles and NQ Cowboys.
  • Sponsorship of the Townsville Open Golf Tournament for 15 years and the Holden Scramble events at Golf Clubs in NQ for over 15 years.
  • Permanent provision of vehicles for the Spinal Injury Association.
  • Provision of a vehicle to Ronald McDonald House and is patron of the Townsville Ronald House.
  • Continuous Sponsorship of Cootharinga.

Many North Queensland athletes have had their airfares provided by Tony to allow their participation in events as diverse as National Triathlete Championships and English Channel swims among many others.

Tony Ireland's involvement in mentoring young people to success in their chosen field is something he takes great satisfaction from.

The Tony Ireland Group which began with Tony moving from Cairns in 1985 and buying the local Holden Dealership is diverse but the brands represented in the region that are pretty much household names include Holden, Isuzu Trucks, Toyota Forklifts, Landrover, Jaguar, Volvo, Century Batteries, Valvoline Oil, PPG Paint, Makita and SP Tools. Over the years the business has been developed on the basis of providing a Guarantee of Value to all the customers who entrust it with their money. The 10 crucial behavioural traits required from staff in their interaction with customers that really summarise the business philosophy are Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Commitment, Reliability, Customer Focus, Professionalism, Passion, Responsiveness and Gratitude.

It is the delivery of these traits that stands the group apart from its competitors and it will be the continual adherence to these behaviours that will ensure the strength of the business into the future.

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